Omukade Honsanmai KATANA (S05L)


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Introducing the S05L – a remarkable upgrade from the S05L with striking enhancements:

  1. Saya Color: Transformed from shiny red to matte red with grooves for a stunning new look.
  2. Tsuka Wrap: Ajirokumiage Maki style with JABARA silk from Japan, meticulously woven in a captivating gold color.
  3. Full Wrap Samekawa: Now using specially selected stingray leather, showcasing a beautiful spine pattern.
  4. Fuchi-Kashira: Updated with an Omukade Yokai-inspired pattern, drawing from the ancient Japanese legend of the giant centipede demon.
  5. Seppa: Enhanced with stacked Silver and Copper Seppa in 2 layers, adding luxury from the Tachi in S05L.
  6. Tsuba: Features a silver line surrounding the tsuba, combining luxury with a timeless classic feel.
  7. Improved Adhesive: Now more effective in extremely cold weather, with different attachment techniques to prevent loosening in various Koshirae, supporting all situations.
  8. Tang Polishing: Greatly improved according to traditional principles, ensuring an elevated experience from the original. Discover the evolution – S05L.

Overall specs

  • Overall Length: 41 3/8′ Blade: 29′
  • Structure HONSANMAI blade.
  • Hand forged and folded high carbon steel blade (1024 layers).
  • Clay tempered and water quenched blade.Hardness 65 HRC(Edge) 35HRC(Body).
  • Forged and folded 1024 layers.
  • Clay coated.
  • Orasaku Zukuri.
  • Blackened hand crafted copper tsuba with silver rim.
  • 2 layers Seppa is arranged between Silver and Copper.
  • Silver habaki.
  • Silver centipede menuki
  • Silver fuchi and kashira
  • Bagandi matt red Saya.
  • Gold Brown Silk sageo and silver kurikata,koikuchi,sayajiri.

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Omukade Honsanmai KATANAOmukade Honsanmai KATANA (S05L)