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All swords from Thaitsuki are handmade by sword craftsmen and artisans who have served years of apprenticeship under the master. Each order is hand crafted using traditional Japanese methods of sword production.

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user review
The best katana I suggest for this price range (under$3000) is the Thaitsuki Roiyaru Sanmai (Triple folded steel) made from 1024 layers. A beautiful katana that is quite functional having the durability and edge to cut through bamboo without any issue. Overall the Thaitsuki Roiyaru Sanmai is just one of many katanas they offer, each in their own style, forge, and price tag. The sheer aesthetics, forging process, and the ability of easy disassembly makes it (in my mind) the best katana under $3,000.
user review
the Thaitsuki KTN5 is an appealing and attractive package. Everything was tightly assembled, no saya rattle, no loose parts and good looking, quality components. I especially liked the white silk ito wrap on black rayskin - minimalist but attractive, with the contrast especially striking. Apparently the ito is imported from Japan - I don't have any reason to doubt it as it definitely quality material. All in all, the Thaitsuki KTN5 Katana is a very nice piece. The fittings are unique and well executed. I love the heavy use of silver, which is quite abundant in Thailand, and the white on black theme is elegantly simple